photo by Jon Lord

Turnbuckle Boogie started February 2021 by Las Vegas friends Timothy Styles and Cody Hancock.  The concept was simple:  a pro wrestling historian and a wrestler/trainer record a weekly conversation about the highs and lows of the history of the industry.  No subject spared.  No quarter given.

photo by Corlene Byrd

Timothy Styles is a musician turned podcaster living in Las Vegas.  He has released several records with bands Skorchamenza and the Big Friendly Corporation, and has recorded hundreds of hours of podcasts with shows Big Friendly Radio, Timothy Styles vs. the Universe, and Timothy Styles Must Die.

photo by Ryan Westinski

"Cut Throat" Cody Hancock is a professional wrestler and Las Vegas-based trainer.  He has won multiple championships and been awarded Match Of The Year on several occasions.  For more information and booking go to